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I don’t understand Filson.  I think they’ve fallen to the hipster crowd.  Why?  I cite their new “Original” Sportsman Bag.  It’s made with cheaper components than their normal Sportsman’s Bag.  Buttons, webbing shoulder strap. etc.  Despite that?  It’s still $35 MORE than the tougher counterpart.  But, it is two-tone, so go, hipsters, go!

All shined up and ready to play! #letsride

All shined up and ready to play! #letsride

More megapixels = better?

What the crap is going on?  Saw an announcement for a new (waterproof) smartphone today with a 13 megapixel camera.  The blurb talked about how the iPhone can only dream about that kind of resolution. … Really?

Seems like, at some point, people started thinking that more megapixels = better pictures.  Oh wait, it was when smartphone manufacturers started telling them that.  But, hey, people!  Guess what!  More does not equal better!  I know, it’s shocking.

I got my first digital SLR in 2003.  Yes, 10 years ago.  The sensor?  A three megapixel beast.  And guess what?  I made 8x10 prints out of it that were not discernible from a photo taken with a film camera.  13 megapixels?  What the hell are you printing out?  Wall-sized posters?  Let me tell you what you ARE doing.  You’re filing up your camera exponentially faster than with a, say, 5 megapixel cam phone.  Well, unless your camera is compressing the pictures so much that you’re losing any benefit of the extra pixels involved.  (Probably.)

*sigh*  People are sheep.  This I know.  I guess I just wish that people would actually take the time to learn instead of just being fed what marketers want them to know.  A pipe dream, I know.


Memories and dreams are an interesting combination.  Functionally, memories of dreams are identical to memories of real events.  The only difference is that your brain has a boolean of real=false applied to memories of dreams.  But what happens as you get older and that flag starts wearing away?  There have been more than one occasion in my life where I’ve remembered something happening and it’s been long enough ago that I’ve struggled to identify if it was something that happened in a dream or in real life.  So, at some point, dreams could actually become one’s reality.  At least in retrospect.

Shinola Runwell Limited

I haven’t lusted after a watch in a while, but this is seriously changing my mind.

Jan 9

It’s interesting to me how much people complain these days about having to pay for things.  I just got done reading some reviews for a game that has a free trial for the first level.  After that, it’s an in-app purchase to get the remainder of the game.  The number of people complaining about how bad it sucks that they have to pay for the rest of the game, is staggering.  It even comes through from the passive aggressive ones: “shame I had to pay to play the rest of the game. :(”  The game, incidentally, is $6.

At some point, we’ve created a world where we literally expect something for nothing.  We get AAA level games and software for dirt cheap and yet all you see in comments is how much people complain about it the price.  (Even if the price is $1.)  I’m continually flabbergasted when I see a AAA game from a AAA publisher (EA, for example) and people moan about the $10 price tag.  It seems, to me, that the app store is destroying the expectations that people have regarding to software.

Either that or most reviews are written by 10 year olds.  …   Likely.

Jan 2

Minimally Minimal: A month with the iPad mini


The iPad mini is a tough product to judge. On one hand, it’s a sign of Apple’s stagnant innovation of the past two years. They still make the finest consumer electronics in my book (I’m voting with my wallet here) but they have been simply iterating on existing products recently. But here’s the thing: the iPad mini is fantastic. It may not be revolutionary, but it’s possibly my favorite Apple product since the day I got my iPhone 4 (and I loved that phone romantically). 

Not quite sure how I missed this great review of the iPad mini. What really sells it though is the photography. Simply stunning and lots of comparison shots between other devices. 

(via Chris Long)


Many miles put on his old drill. Almost as much dust now…

Many miles put on his old drill. Almost as much dust now…

But it all changed when I realized I wanted to do this for me and not you.

Grandpa’s old workbench. Seems Nearly untouched after 30 years.

Grandpa’s old workbench. Seems Nearly untouched after 30 years.